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Our Next Meeting: THURSDAY, March 27th, 2014, 6 p.m.

Topic: Hospital Call Center database

Mary Sue will give a presentation concerning a Call Center database for one hospital that has:
  • 22,000 calls per year
  • 30,000 referrals per year (classes, physicians, services) in call center and on website
  • 4,000 credit card charges per year


  1. Preparing daily letters to callers detailing their referrals of physicians, classes, and services, but specifically embedding Word documents in the letters to show detailed directions of varying length, including colored maps, for all applicable locations of their classes.
  2. Alternately preparing emails to the callers instead of, or in addition to, #1 above, again with all details in the email.
  3. Importing class registrations from their website, to the office database which contains the call center registrations made. This entails updating the web and office databases with current class registrations so that classes do not exceed their maximum attendees.
  4. Reporting on the calls (# of physicians referred, # classes registered, etc.), web registrations, letters mailed, emails sent per month for billing purposes.

About Our Speaker: Mary Sue Honigschmidt
Mary Sue has her own database development company, RED, and coordinates the Chicago Computer Society's Access Developers West SIG.

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